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  • Design  

ATX form factor 4 layers PCB size: 30.5x21.0c

  • Chipset 

VIA P4X266E North Bridge Chipset/VIA VT8233A South Bridge Chipset

  • CPU Socket(mPGA478B Socket)

Support Intel Pentium 4 478 Pin package utilizes Flip-Chip Pin

Grid Array (FC-PGA2) package processor

Support 1.5G∼2.66G 478 Pin Pentium 4 processor

Reserves support for future Intel Pentium 4 processors

  • Memory Socket

168-pin SDR SDRAM module socket x1 and 184-pin DDR Module socket x 2

Support 1 pcs PC133/PC100 SDRAM Module expandable to
1.0GB, or 2 pcs DDR266/DDR200 DDR Modules Expandable
to 2.0GB

  • Expansion Slot &

Headers   AGP slot x1 support AGP 2.0 & 4X mode  ∗ 32-bit PCI slot x5

  • Integrate IDE 

Two PCI IDE controllers support PCI Bus Mastering, ATA
PIO/DMA and the ULTRA DMA 33/66/100/133 functions that
deliver the data transfer rate up to 133 MB/s

  • Audio

AC'97 Digital Audio controller integrated
∗ AC'97 Audio CODEC on board
∗ Audio driver and utility included

  • BIOS 

Award 2MB Flash ROM

  • Multi I/O

PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connectors
∗ Floppy disk drive connector x1
∗ Parallel port x1
∗ Serial port x2
∗ USB connector x2 for P4XFB/P4XFBU
∗ USB headers x2 (connecting cable option) for P4XFB
∗ USB headers x 4 (connecting cable option) for P4XFBU
∗ Audio connector (Line-in, Line-out , MIC & Game Port)

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